Artists for Media Diversity
Established February 8, 2008

Best wishes and sincere gratitude to all who have guided, continue to guide and contribute to our organization:

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Board of Directors

Emma Little, President
Gerald Torres, Vice President
Joe Kendall, Treasurer


Barbara Kooyman
Wolfgang Pracht
Ben Bright


Artists for Media Diversity (A4MD), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, fosters awareness of the need for independent media voices in America, provides assistance to emerging community-based or public media outlets and promotes musical and cultural diversity.  The founders believe deeply in the need for variety in media outlets so that people can be exposed to the widest possible diversity in programming. They also feel that many problems today can begin to be resolved through a better understanding of the diversity in culture, art and music found in our country. For that reason, they also plan to make a wide variety of musical and cultural programming available to public media outlets who might not otherwise have access to such programming. The activities of the organization include:

• Assisting new, emerging, and existing community-based nonprofit media outlets by providing them with digital and audio services to foster musical and artistic diversity;  

• Creating and maintaining a diverse library of musical materials, that will document and archive the many cultural and artistic genres and styles of music in this country;

• Providing technical assistance to emerging nonprofit media outlets by matching them with persons with expertise in the station’s area of need such as production, programming, marketing, customer awareness; listener retention, and other basic requirements of operating a successful community media outlet. The organization will also help these media organizations learn to raise funds and attract grants to sustain their activities.  If sufficient funds are raised, Artists for Media Diversity will also provide financial assistance to these outlets;

• Educating the public about the value of community-based media outlets, and the need to expose communities to a wide variety of musical and artistic styles and cultures. Education programs will include, but not be limited to: community forums and presentations;  presentations in colleges and universities; lectures; musical and cultural demonstrations; small conferences; brochures, literature and educational materials; information and education on a website; and so on; 

• Providing opportunities for college and university interns who want to learn about the community-based media, and who want to help develop diversity in those media outlets; 

• Assisting in the development of community concerts and similar events to raise awareness among the public about musical and cultural diversity; and,

• Networking with other nonprofit organizations, media education programs, and other groups who support and share Artists for Media Diversity’s mission and goals.