Raising Awareness Through
The Power of Music

Artists and organizations rely on community radio stations to broadcast for the common good.

Working with artists and organizations, A4MD produces music compilation digital albums to support noncommercial radio stations threatened with elimination of federal funding.



Environmental Justice

By sponsoring a Community Digital Album, an environmental organization fosters community radio and public media.  

They also share in the proceeds generated from sales.

Contact us to sponsor a Community Digital Album.



Human Rights

From sanctuary cities to prison reform, homelessness and inequality, there are many humanitarian issues facing communities across the USA. 

Music breaks through barriers of emotional isolation.

Community organizations bring people together.

Songwriters, musicians and members of community organizations often share similar philosophical values.

Working together artists and organizations become catalysts for the common good.

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Freedom of Speech

The Nature of Truth is our project to directly support noncommercial radio stations. Find out more about The Nature of Truth.



Culture for the Common Good

Does your community have local events and festivals that rely on noncommercial radio stations to spread the word?

Sponsor a music compilation digital album and engage participating recording artists in support of your local station.

Contact us to sponsor a Community Digital Album.