Artists for Vieques


Artists for Vieques


In 2013, Willie Nelson & Family, Calle 13, Los Lonely Boys, Zoraida Santiago and many more recordings artists from Puerto Rico and Austin, Texas helped build a public radio station. WVQR - 90.1 FM -Radio Vieques.

"From Vieques we extend a warm embrace of gratitude and solidarity to artists in Puerto Rico and in the United States who donated songs for the digital album Artists for Vieques to support Radio Vieques WVQR 90.1FM.  

"Your musical contribution reminds us of the unique dynamic of mutual inspiration between artists and the struggle for peace on Vieques that helped us put an end to half century of US Navy bombing here on May 1st, 2003.  Your artistic solidarity will help us re-establish Radio Vieques, a key tool in the continuing struggles for decontamination, return of our lands and sustainable community development."

Robert Rabin Siegal, Director, Radio Vieques

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“The eyewall of category 5 Hurricane Maria passed over Vieques at 4am on 20 September, attacking the facilities of Radio Vieques and all of Puerto Rico with winds over 150mph. Damage from winds, water, lack of electricity are some of the challenges we face in Maria’s aftermath.  

“Radio Vieques provides key communications for Puerto Rico's two island municipalities - Culebra and Vieques - as well as the Eastern half of the main island.  Support from solidarity organizations like Artists for Media Diversity is crucial to get Radio Vieques back on the air.  

“With the re-release of the digital album “Artists for Vieques”, the artists who donated music to help create Radio Vieques more than four years ago now help us restore our community station to continue the process of community communications in this challenging moment in Vieques/Puerto Rico's history.  

“Thanks for your support and solidarity.”

Robert Rabin
General Manager, WVQR 90.1 FM - Radio Vieques