Raise Funds for your Station and Awareness for Radio Vieques

LPRC radio stations standing in solidarity with WVQR - Radio Vieques can receive free “Artists For Vieques” gift cards for use as pledge drive premiums.

Democracy Now's visit to Vieques Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria features interviews with Robert Rabin, Director of WVQR - Radio Vieques.

"Artists for Vieques" Gift Cards for Pledge Drive Premiums

“Artists For Vieques” gift cards provide music downloads featuring 20 songs of beautiful, inspiring music from Willie Nelson & Family, Calle 13, Los Lonely Boys, Rei Ortiz, Zoraida Santiago and many more artists from Puerto Rico, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and the Navajo Nation.

  • 25 "Artists for Vieques" Gift Card donation, $500 fair market value

  • Introduce "Artists for Vieques" during your station's pledge drive

  • Offer "Artists for Vieques" Gift Cards to your station's supporters in appreciation for their pledges to your station

  • Please consider making a donation to WVQR Radio Vieques for each gift card utilized as a pledge drive premium. A suggested donation of $10/gift card can be sent to Radio Vieques P.O. Box 1424, Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765

"Short, sweet and easy to download, hassle-free! Beautiful!!!"  
~ Ileana Rivera Santa, LPRC


Free Gift Cards for LPRC Stations: 

Receive 25 "Artists for Vieques" Gift Cards to Use as Pledge Drive Premiums and Raise Funds for your Station


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