Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pledge Drive Premiums link to LPRC?

  • PDPs can link to LPRC instead of A4MD
  • Drives traffic to LPRC
  • LPRC page can links to A4V artists in A4MD, Radio Vieques, ...

If yes, LPRC webpage must be available until gift cards expire (1 year)
(LPRC webpage does not have to be located in LPRC website navigation)

Delivery of Gift Cards to LPRC

Initial delivery of 20 batches of 25 A4V Gift Cards / batch?
More batches upon request.

Radio Marketing

Introduction to A4V Gift Card PDPs to LPRC stations

  • Initial focus on the CSG stations
  • Send each station 1 PDP as example
  • 25 PDPs worth $500 in-kind donation to station
  • Request minimum of $30 - ($50, $60, $75 ???) per pledge
  • Invite local artists and/or environmentalists for pledge drive show
  • Send a donation to WVQR (suggest a $10/PDP donation)

Pledge Drive

  • Play music from A4V
  • Interview local artists and/or environmentalists
  • Request pledges to station

After Pledge Drive Follow Up Questions

  • How long was the A4V segment during your pledge drive?
  • How many pledges did you receive during the A4V segment?
  • What was the minimum request per A4V Gift Card PDP?
  • How much money was raised using A4V Gift Cards PDPs?
  • Did you have artist and/or environmentalist on the pledge drive?
  • Was the artist/environmentalist helpful in raising awareness and funds?



Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Pledge Drive Premium Brochure

Gift Cards

Folk Alliance Update
    The Nature of Truth


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Artists for Vieques Gift Cards for
LPRC Station Pledge Drives


Gift cards can be an in-kind donation from A4MD to LPRC
(25 gift cards for 10 stations represents a $5,000 in-kind donation)


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pledge Drive Premiums ready for delivery to the 1st 6 LPRC Stations already signed up with A4MD

Permission requested to quote Ileana:

"Short, sweet and easy to download, hassle-free!  Beautiful!!!"
Ileana Rivera Santa
_____________________, Latino Public Radio Consortium


Artists Advocacy


Friday, February 16, 2018

Radio Station Outreach
     Making Contact
     Native Stations
     Other Stations

Bauman Grant funds scheduled to arrive next week
     Pledge drive premiums

What we ask the stations to do in exchange for receiving pledge drive premiums:
     Pledge to promote Artists for Vieques after the pledge drive is over


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Big Thanks to Magaly, Ileana and Anahi for driving our development to improve our Gift Cards and Station outreach via pledge drive premiums.

Pledge Drive Premium Project 

Gift Cards 

Multiple Gift Cards can be purchased at one time.

A4MD Radio Shows

We All Rise Together schedule for production next week.
     Final piece to station engagement campaign
     A4MD will begin calling stations.

Planning to pitch a story about Artists for Vieques to Making Contact.
     Vieques Island, then and now
     LPRC and Media Alliance role in project collaboration
     Pledge Drive Premiums for new station engagement
     Music from Artists for Vieques


Happy Birthday A4MD!

10 years ago today, on February 8, 2008, Artists for Media Diversity was formed as a Texas Nonprofit Organization and received tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) from the IRS in October of 2008.




Friday, February 2, 2018

Pledge Drive Premium
Campaign Development

In addition to LPRC's outreach to their network of stations, A4MD will plan on calling additional stations, speak with the Development Director ( or PD, MD, GM) about the Artists for Vieques (A4V) campaign, offer 25 PDPs (fair market value of $500).

The stations will have to (1) sign up with A4MD, (2) pledge to utilize the A4V marketing materials on the website and social media (3) complete an additional information form.

The concept for a webpage with PDP information would have a (1) short and sweet paragraph about the project; (2) links to A4V marketing materials  (3) additional information form to gather info, for example,  like this:

=====Additional Information Form (in development) ===

     Will your station be willing to pledge to use the A4V marketing materials on your station's website and social media during the final days of the pledge drive and after the pledge drive is over?

     WIll your station be willing to download "We All Rise Together" radio shows, each one featuring one artist for Vieques?

     Does your station host live music broadcasts?

     Can you recommend local/regional songwriting/recording artists whom your station would be interested in inviting (to help with the pledge drive) (maybe with an on-air performance)?

     Can you recommend any national songwriting recording artists you'd love to have drop by your station?

     Are there any (local - regional - national) environmental justice organizations in your area

     Human rights organizations?   

     Freedom of speech?

     Is there local press who have ever expressed interest in your station?


Delivery of Pledge Drive Premiums

When a station has registered with A4MD & filled out the additional information form, A4MD will

1.  create a Dropbox file with the station's call letters
2.  upload the PDPs
3. send the station a link to the station's Dropbox to download the PDPs.

Stations will be able to deliver the PDPs to their pledgers
1. via email or
2. print PDPs inexpensively and professionally as 4" x 6" glossy photos (i.e. Walgreens) to send in the mail



Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Present:  Tracey Rosenberg, Barbara K

Pledge Drive Premiums:  "Artists for Vieques"

What's in it for Radio Vieques?
     Pledge Drive Premiums (PDPs)
     Stations engage to promote "Artists For Vieques"

What's in it for LPRC?
    Sanctuary (See below)

What to offer:
     25 PDPs for stations that will promote Artists for Vieques on their websites

 How many PDPs does the LPRC need?

Cost of Pledge Drive Premiums $0.06/premium + printing
     $60.00 for 1,000 premiums
     Printing can be done by stations receiving the PDPs

Bauman Grant

When we receive the Bauman Grant we can pay for Pledge Drive Premiums

Station Engagement with Pledge Drive Premiums

Reach out to National Radio Networks and their Station Affiliates?
     Pacifica Network?
          Radio Vieques is an affiliate of the Pacifica Network
          Who will reach out to Director of Pacifica Network?
               Robert?, Ileana?, Tracy?
          Is Radio Vieques a member of NFCB?
     Native Public Media?

Development of A4MD Radio Shows

Radio shows enhance the promotional value of Community Radio Digital Albums 

Conceptually, A4MD's model for Division of Proceeds is split (25% / 25% / 25% / 25%) between
     1. Broadcasting Stations
     2. Referral Stations & Organizations
     3. Beneficiary Organization (National Radio Organization)
     4. Media Alliance/A4MD

Since Radio Vieques is receiving 50%, are pledge drive premiums enough of an incentive for stations to engage in broadcasting radio shows?  

Should we be able to offer stations a division of 25% of the proceeds for broadcasting the shows?

"Artists for Vieques"

Division of proceeds between collaborating partners

A4MD Radio Shows

Division of proceeds between collaborating partners


The next digital album on the horizon ...



Division of proceeds between collaborating partners

Making Contact


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

LPRC Webpage in A4MD


Link to LPRC webpage on A4MD Homepage

LPRC Stations registered with A4MD added to Referral Stations in Checkout and Gift Cards

Artists for Vieques Report

14 digital albums, 2 gift cards, $320 total

Media Alliance generated 8 sales!

Referrals: MA-8, WVQR-3, LPRC-2, A4MD-2, WSLR-1

WVQR = $160 in benefits, $15 in referrals, Total= $175
    Where do we send the check?

GRC Station Outreach

No new stations.


Pledge Drive Premiums

LPRC Radio Stations


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Barbara K

Radio Station Outreach

Engaging radio stations for their own interests brings them into contact with "Artists for Vieques" 

A4MD's station outreach post to GRC Listserve resulted in 

  • WSLR Sarasota, FL
  • Subsequent GRC announcement of KBOO hosting 2018 Grassroots Radio Conference


Collaborative Music Compilation Digital Album

25% Latino Public Radio Consortium
25% for stations broadcasting the music
25% for referring stations/organizations
25% for Media Alliance, A4MD,credit card service fees

20 songs make a community digital album



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Magaly Rivera, Tracy Rosenberg, Gerald Torres, Barbara K

Happy New Year!

Gift Cards and Gift Card Referrals

Analytics, anyone?
      Send me your preferred email address I can give to Squarespace to grant access to Analytics

We All Rise Together Radio Shows (still a week away)

LPRC Webpage (coming soon)
     Link to LPRC website and links to participating station websites
     Link to Radio Show Downloads for LPRC Stations (Password protected)
     Would participating LPRC Stations like to have their own webpage in A4MD?
          A4MD landing page personalized with station's call letters and information
               English or Spanish, whatever they want, photos, etc...
          Artists for Vieques, Gift Cards, future digital album products

LPRC Stations:
     sign up at A4MD or OR participating stations info supplied by LPRC?

     Ileana?  Anahi?

Next Week:
     Music Press release
          Include request to promote A4V in exchange for commission based advertising?
     We All Rise Together Radio Show announcement posted to GRC List Serve
     LPRC webpage in A4MD


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Tracy Rosenberg, Robert Rabin, Zoraida Santiago, Anahi Lazarte, Barbara K

Squarespace Analytics
     LPRC Login, email address required

A4MD Implementation for January 2018
     LPRC Account Page
          Password protected login for LPRC Member Stations
          Radio Show access/downloads



Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Tracy Rosenberg, Gerald Torres, Barbara K

First sales are coming in.

A4MD Referral Information
     Squarespace Analytics
     Capture Referral Information on Checkout
          Info show up in CSV sales report

Press and Outreach
     Radio World
     Sanders Institute

Prepare radio shows for January 2018:  
     The Nature of Truth
     We All Rise Together

Music Press Release for January 2018
     Artists for Vieques
     Radio Shows



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Present:  Meeting Postponed

The Sanders Institute's mission is to revitalize democracy by actively engaging individuals, organizations, and the media in the pursuit of progressive solutions to economic, environmental, racial, and social justice issues.



Vieques 5 Point Revitalization Plan

I.  We start with Artists for Vieques.

   A. We request the Sanders Institute to promote Artists for Vieques to their constituents.

   B. We return 25% of the proceeds ($5/album) to the Sanders Institute. 

II. Request Sanders Institute to utilize funds to design Vieques 5 Point Revitalization Plan.

   A. Design for Cleanup of Environmental Contamination from 60 years of bombing.

   B. Design Independent Energy Infrastructure utilizing 100% renewable energy

   C. Design Health Care Facility specializing in cancer treatment

   D. Design Sustainable Small Farm Agriculture and organic gardening

   E. Design Hurricane Proof Housing with solar panel roofing.

III. Request Sanders Institute to sponsor 5 Community Digital Albums to fund implementation of Vieques 5 Point Revitalization Plan.

   A. 5 Community Albums

   B. 5 months of The Nature of Truth


Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Pre-Launch Day

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Barbara K

A4MD Homepage updated.

A4MD FaceBook page created, link on footer of A4MD website

Blog Posts on Radio and Community webpages


Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Project Update

Present: Ileana Rivera Santa, Barbara K

Recording Artists for Vieques webpage with photos, quotes, links

Press Release
     Who's name as contact for Press Release?
     LPRC list - give to Tracy to compare with Tracy's list so as not to send twice
     Barbara can research a music press list from IndieBible.
          Wait until new year to approach music press?  New in 2018!

     Social media tweets point to websites and FaceBook pages
     Sales tax in TX, CA and EU?

     Any updates?
     Email address and telephone number for Press Release
     Zoraida Santiago?

     Audio production
          PSA production
          Single artists radio show production "We All Rise Together"
          28 minute 5 artists radio show production "The Nature of Truth"
               Wait until 2018 to launch The Nature of Truth
               Gives National Radio Orgs time to sign up with A4MD
     Blog posts
          Open letter to Community Organizations
          Levels of Engagement for Stations and Organizations
          Press Release

Next week?:  Squarespace Analytics overview
     Sales report updates
     Top sellers (Websites, Facebook pages)


Tuesday November 21, 2017
Project Update and Radio Registration

Artists for Vieques has 20 songs.

Press release draft updates

Community Outreach Letter signatures

Radio Registration



Tuesday November 14, 2017
Press and Outreach


Actions to be Finalized

A4MD - Artist Update
     Artists for Vieques contacted
     Add 3 more artists to make 20 artists total ???
          Sihasin "Take A Stand"
          Malcolm Holcombe "Down The River"
          Jared Tyler "Pain of The World" (Turn to Love)

A4MD - PSAs and Radio Shows
     Ready for December

Contacting Organizations
     MA, LPRC - Radio Organizations
     MA, A4MD - Community Organizations

MA - Sales Related Questions
     Sales Tax info for CA, TX?
     Stripe, website notification




Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Marketing Material for We All Rise Together

Marketing Materials for Engaged Organizations

Press Releases and Engagement Letters

Press Releases for Press

Engagement Letters
     Radio Stations
     Community Organizations
     Recording Artists

Web page to host Press Releases and Engagement Letters for reference

Indie Bible
     1. MUSIC REVIEWERS OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC (magazines, online websites, music blogs)
     2. LOCAL MUSIC RESOURCES (alternative weeklies, local websites, local music blogs)

Radio Shows

PSAs for both commercial and noncommercial radio stations

We All Rise Together Radio Shows

Invitation to National Radio Organizations To Participate in We All Rise Together

Shall we invite National Radio Organizations to participate?
     If so, we can include Links to “We All Rise Together” and “Radio”   

     If so, which organizations shall we invite?

     If so, who best to contact the organizations?

     If so, shall we invite National Radio Orgs directors for a conference call to answer questions?  
          If so, Tuesday, November 14th?

Launch Date:  Press Release and Public Engagement Campaign

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 ?




Friday, October 27, 2017

Answers to Questions

In an email from Ileana:

Therefore, Magaly is requesting information on the cost of each digital album; success in the past and expectations on this next round; confirmation that LPRC will receive 25% of each album sold so that the organization can share with LPRC affiliates that promote the album; 50% for Radio Vieques.

1. The cost of each digital album
The cost of digital albums are based on the number of songs in the album.
Artists for Vieques has 17 songs, so the cost is $17.00.
A digital album having 20 songs will cost $20.00.

2. Success in the past
One of the reasons that Radio Vieques exists today is because Artists for Vieques generated excitement in the Puerto Rican community to have a radio station for environmental justice, peace and local cultural.  The digital album raised enough funds to help support the downpayment on the antenna at a critical point for the station’s development to move forward. 

3. Expectations on this next round
A4MD’s Community Digital Album projects are designed to produce Community Digital Albums as well as artist and organization engagement campaigns in raising awareness and support for noncommercial radio stations.

The success of the next round will rely upon project participants working together and engaging recording artists and community organizations to support radio stations.

  • Engage Recording Artists in contributing music downloads for the purpose of creating support for noncommercial radio stations and activities related to the mission of A4MD.
  • Engage Organizations - both Radio and Community - in promoting digital albums via their organization’s websites, newsletter campaigns and social media.
  • Engage National Radio Organizations and their Affiliated Radio Stations in broadcasting radio programs produced by A4MD featuring music on Community Digital Albums.
We All Rise Together, A4MD, The Nature of Truth, etc are ways in which the people themselves can not only take control over one aspect of the media onslaught to which we are all subject, but through which we can actively change the conversation and provide support for the alternative voice that are out there and that continually speak truth to power. We can be the amplifier and the power. 
Gerald Torres, Board Chairman, Earthday Networks

4. Confirmation that LPRC will receive 25% of each album sold so that the organization can share with LPRC affiliates that promote the album

Organizations - both radio and community - that register with Artists for Media Diversity and engage in promotion of Community Digital Albums via their organization’s websites, newsletter campaigns and social media will receive 25% of the proceeds tracked to their individual organization’s promotional efforts.

When radio and community organizations register with A4MD, they provide information about their websites, newsletter campaigns and social media.

A4MD’s website analytics tracks funds generated from outside links to A4MD. 

A4MD and it’s fiscal sponsor Media Alliance, attribute 25% of funds generated from links associated with an organization to the organization. All funds will be tracked and properly attributed to organizations who have registered with A4MD.

Payments on funds generated in 2017 will be sent to registered organizations in the beginning of 2018.

Payments on funds generated in 2018 will be sent to organizations on either a quarterly or a monthly basis, to be determined by Media Alliance, the fiscal sponsor of the A4MD's Community Digital Album projects.

5. 50% for Radio Vieques
The purpose of Artists for Vieques was to launch an emergency campaign to raise awareness of and funds for building Radio Vieques in time to meet the FCC deadline of June 30, 2013.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, A4MD is re-releasing Artists for Vieques. 

50% of the funds generated from sales of Artists for Vieques will go to Radio Vieques.

The funds can be sent to LPRC for distribution to Radio Vieques.

The funds will be disbursed from Media Alliance to LPRC/Radio Vieques on a month to month basis.




Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We All Rise Together

We begin with Artists for Vieques

Next steps:

Producing and distributing "We All Rise Together" radio shows and PSAs

Writing and distributing Press Releases

Engaging Radio Stations and Organizations as 'Community Collaborators'

Creating a Marketing Guide for Community Collaborators

Selling "Artists for Vieques"

Distributing proceeds to Radio Vieques.

We continue by producing a Community Digital Album for Emergency Assistance

Stage One: Artist Engagement
1. Emergency addressed: 
    Organization receiving the funds: LPRC
    The funds will be used for:

2. Direct contact to Recording Artists
    Press release to Music Artist Organizations
    Artist PSAs for Radio stations
    Donate music downloads at A4MD.org/artists

3. Produce the Community Digital Album

4. Produce the "We All Rise Together" Radio Shows
         7 minute individual artist radio shows

5. Community Collaborators Campaign
        Downloadable graphics, press release
         Links to purchase digital album

Stage Two: Radio Engagement
1. Release of Community Digital Album
2. Distribution of “We All Rise Together” Radio Shows
3. Press release to Radio Stations
       Register at A4MD.org/radio

Stage Three: Organization Engagement
1. Direct Contact to Community Organizations
          Identify Organizations to contact
          Send a letter and press release
          Register at A4MD.org/community

Stage Four:  Public Engagement
1. Press Releases to Public Media and Music Industry (Indie Bible)
2. Radio Broadcasts
3. Community Collaborators Campaigns via Websites and Newsletters
4. Social Media Campaigns: Artists, Radio, Organizations

Stage Five:  Distribution of Funds to Organizations
1. Monthly Disbursements: LPRC, A4MD
2. Quarterly Disbursements: Community Collaborators

A Note About Community Collaborators

Community Collaborators can be noncommercial radio stations and community organizations, basically, 501c3 tax exempt nonprofits.

Currently we are able track revenue from Traffic Sources: Websites, Newsletters (under development: tracking Social Media)

Under Development: Referral ID System to track revenue from all sources.