Tuesday November 14, 2017
Press and Outreach


Actions to be Finalized

A4MD - Artist Update
     Artists for Vieques contacted
     Add 3 more artists to make 20 artists total ???
          Sihasin "Take A Stand"
          Malcolm Holcombe "Down The River"
          Jared Tyler "Pain of The World" (Turn to Love)

A4MD - PSAs and Radio Shows
     Ready for December

Contacting Organizations
     MA, LPRC - Radio Organizations
     MA, A4MD - Community Organizations

MA - Sales Related Questions
     Sales Tax info for CA, TX?
     Stripe, website notification




Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Marketing Material for We All Rise Together

Marketing Materials for Engaged Organizations

Press Releases and Engagement Letters

Press Releases for Press

Engagement Letters
     Radio Stations
     Community Organizations
     Recording Artists

Web page to host Press Releases and Engagement Letters for reference

Indie Bible
     1. MUSIC REVIEWERS OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC (magazines, online websites, music blogs)
     2. LOCAL MUSIC RESOURCES (alternative weeklies, local websites, local music blogs)

Radio Shows

PSAs for both commercial and noncommercial radio stations

We All Rise Together Radio Shows

Invitation to National Radio Organizations To Participate in We All Rise Together

Shall we invite National Radio Organizations to participate?
     If so, we can include Links to “We All Rise Together” and “Radio”   

     If so, which organizations shall we invite?

     If so, who best to contact the organizations?

     If so, shall we invite National Radio Orgs directors for a conference call to answer questions?  
          If so, Tuesday, November 14th?

Launch Date:  Press Release and Public Engagement Campaign

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 ?




Friday, October 27, 2017

Answers to Questions

In an email from Ileana:

Therefore, Magaly is requesting information on the cost of each digital album; success in the past and expectations on this next round; confirmation that LPRC will receive 25% of each album sold so that the organization can share with LPRC affiliates that promote the album; 50% for Radio Vieques.

1. The cost of each digital album
The cost of digital albums are based on the number of songs in the album.
Artists for Vieques has 17 songs, so the cost is $17.00.
A digital album having 20 songs will cost $20.00.

2. Success in the past
One of the reasons that Radio Vieques exists today is because Artists for Vieques generated excitement in the Puerto Rican community to have a radio station for environmental justice, peace and local cultural.  The digital album raised enough funds to help support the downpayment on the antenna at a critical point for the station’s development to move forward. 

3. Expectations on this next round
A4MD’s Community Digital Album projects are designed to produce Community Digital Albums as well as artist and organization engagement campaigns in raising awareness and support for noncommercial radio stations.

The success of the next round will rely upon project participants working together and engaging recording artists and community organizations to support radio stations.

  • Engage Recording Artists in contributing music downloads for the purpose of creating support for noncommercial radio stations and activities related to the mission of A4MD.
  • Engage Organizations - both Radio and Community - in promoting digital albums via their organization’s websites, newsletter campaigns and social media.
  • Engage National Radio Organizations and their Affiliated Radio Stations in broadcasting radio programs produced by A4MD featuring music on Community Digital Albums.
We All Rise Together, A4MD, The Nature of Truth, etc are ways in which the people themselves can not only take control over one aspect of the media onslaught to which we are all subject, but through which we can actively change the conversation and provide support for the alternative voice that are out there and that continually speak truth to power. We can be the amplifier and the power. 
Gerald Torres, Board Chairman, Earthday Networks

4. Confirmation that LPRC will receive 25% of each album sold so that the organization can share with LPRC affiliates that promote the album

Organizations - both radio and community - that register with Artists for Media Diversity and engage in promotion of Community Digital Albums via their organization’s websites, newsletter campaigns and social media will receive 25% of the proceeds tracked to their individual organization’s promotional efforts.

When radio and community organizations register with A4MD, they provide information about their websites, newsletter campaigns and social media.

A4MD’s website analytics tracks funds generated from outside links to A4MD. 

A4MD and it’s fiscal sponsor Media Alliance, attribute 25% of funds generated from links associated with an organization to the organization. All funds will be tracked and properly attributed to organizations who have registered with A4MD.

Payments on funds generated in 2017 will be sent to registered organizations in the beginning of 2018.

Payments on funds generated in 2018 will be sent to organizations on either a quarterly or a monthly basis, to be determined by Media Alliance, the fiscal sponsor of the A4MD's Community Digital Album projects.

5. 50% for Radio Vieques
The purpose of Artists for Vieques was to launch an emergency campaign to raise awareness of and funds for building Radio Vieques in time to meet the FCC deadline of June 30, 2013.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, A4MD is re-releasing Artists for Vieques. 

50% of the funds generated from sales of Artists for Vieques will go to Radio Vieques.

The funds can be sent to LPRC for distribution to Radio Vieques.

The funds will be disbursed from Media Alliance to LPRC/Radio Vieques on a month to month basis.




Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We All Rise Together

We begin with Artists for Vieques

Next steps:

Producing and distributing "We All Rise Together" radio shows and PSAs

Writing and distributing Press Releases

Engaging Radio Stations and Organizations as 'Community Collaborators'

Creating a Marketing Guide for Community Collaborators

Selling "Artists for Vieques"

Distributing proceeds to Radio Vieques.

We continue by producing a Community Digital Album for Emergency Assistance

Stage One: Artist Engagement
1. Emergency addressed: 
    Organization receiving the funds: LPRC
    The funds will be used for:

2. Direct contact to Recording Artists
    Press release to Music Artist Organizations
    Artist PSAs for Radio stations
    Donate music downloads at A4MD.org/artists

3. Produce the Community Digital Album

4. Produce the "We All Rise Together" Radio Shows
         7 minute individual artist radio shows

5. Community Collaborators Campaign
        Downloadable graphics, press release
         Links to purchase digital album

Stage Two: Radio Engagement
1. Release of Community Digital Album
2. Distribution of “We All Rise Together” Radio Shows
3. Press release to Radio Stations
       Register at A4MD.org/radio

Stage Three: Organization Engagement
1. Direct Contact to Community Organizations
          Identify Organizations to contact
          Send a letter and press release
          Register at A4MD.org/community

Stage Four:  Public Engagement
1. Press Releases to Public Media and Music Industry (Indie Bible)
2. Radio Broadcasts
3. Community Collaborators Campaigns via Websites and Newsletters
4. Social Media Campaigns: Artists, Radio, Organizations

Stage Five:  Distribution of Funds to Organizations
1. Monthly Disbursements: LPRC, A4MD
2. Quarterly Disbursements: Community Collaborators

A Note About Community Collaborators

Community Collaborators can be noncommercial radio stations and community organizations, basically, 501c3 tax exempt nonprofits.

Currently we are able track revenue from Traffic Sources: Websites, Newsletters (under development: tracking Social Media)

Under Development: Referral ID System to track revenue from all sources.