Call for Pitches from Making Contact

Making Contact is an award-winning, 29-minute weekly magazine/documentary-style public affairs program heard on 120 radio stations in the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Australia.  Amplifying voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media, Making Contact focuses on the human realities of politics and the connections between local and global events with an emphasis on creative ways to solve problems.

We are always looking for good pitches for segments or whole episodes of Making Contact.
We're open to a variety of topics with these guidelines in mind.
We’re interested in pitches for sound-rich segments of approx. 7minutes.
Does the story: ... Link grassroots issues and human realities to national or international trends? ... Shed light on social and economic inequities? ... Explore any alternatives or solutions?

Level 1. $800 plus travel reimbursement up to $100

“Involve research and original reporting • Require the reporter to have substantial subject matter expertise • Involve time-consuming reporting • Have a sophisticated narrative • Require travel by the reporter • Have sound that does not involve phone tape • Be rich in a variety of sounds demonstrative or supportive of the story.”

Level 2. $500 plus travel reimbursement up to $100

“Involve multiple interviews • Involve interviews conducted where the interviewee is carrying on activities relevant to the story • Involve sound, scenes, and advanced radio storytelling techniques • Involve reporter having good prior knowledge of subject matter”

“Making Contact” - Pitching 3 Stories

"Pitch us stories about various bottom-up and grassroots organizing methods and economic experiments."


Humanitarian market economy based on collaboration, not competition developed by Sparrows Wheel for use by Artists for Media Diversity.

Proposed interviews with Wolfgang Pracht, a co-founder of Artists for Media Diversity (A4MD) and the father of ‘collaborism’; Gerald Torres, Jane M.G. Foster Professor of Law and Faculty Fellow at Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future Cornell University; Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Media Alliance


We All Rise Together

"Artists For Vieques" - a community radio digital album utilizing collaborism.

Proposed interviews with Robert Rabin, Director of Radio Vieques; Ileana Rivera Santa, station affiliates coordinator of the Latino Public Radio Consortium; recording artists featured on “Artists for Vieques”



Future show about a community radio digital album utilizing collaborism.

Proposed interviews with Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Media Alliance; Magaly Rivera, Executive Director of the Latino Public Radio Consortium; recording artists featured on “Sanctuary”

"If you’re pitching to us for the first time, please include a brief bio and relevant audio clips.
We look forward to hearing from you!"

Barbara K, an award winning songwriter, recording artist, producer and engineer with 38 years experience in the music and radio industry, has produced and engineered albums for her Grammy nominated (1986 Best New Artist) band Timbuk3 (Texas Music Hall of Fame, Ausitn Music Awards Song of the Decade for “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”) as well as her own catalog of digital albums spanning 18 years of music and life. Editing and engineering with Pro Tools digital audio workstation, Barbara is ready to take on her new role as a producer-engineer of “The Nature of Truth” and “We All Rise Together”.

Listen to recordings written, produced and engineered by Barbara K

“Making Contact” - Pitching a Recurring Feature

A 5 minute segment featuring a recording artist interview and their music contribution to a community radio digital album.  Artist interviews features a statement of support for either environmental justice, human rights, freedom of speech or culture for the common good.

Based on "Free Speech Radio Music" - A4MD's 2014 proposal to Free Speech Radio News.