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In the wake of category 5 Hurricane Maria’s devastation of the islands of Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico, Artists for Media Diversity, (A4MD) is re-releasing “Artists for Vieques” to help get Radio Vieques get back on the air.


Radio Vieques (WVQR) is a public radio station for environmental justice and sustainable development. “Artists for Vieques”, a community digital album produced by Artists for Media Diversity, provides the foundation to generate financial support not only for WVQR - Radio Vieques, a public radio station for environmental justice and sustainable development, but also for any community organization who will assist us in spreading the word.

“Artists for Vieques” is a song compilation first launched in 2012 to raise funds and help make the station a reality. This time we are adding three more songs to help restore WVQR’s signal. It includes artists Willie Nelson and Calle 13 and many more.

A4MD’s humanitarian market economic model is based on collaboration. The more we work together, the more our organizations receive, and the more we benefit the people of Vieques, Culebra and Eastern Puerto Rico who rely on vital broadcasts from WVQR.

Organizations receive 25% of the proceeds from sales tracked to their collaborative promotion of the power of music to support public media.

All you have to do is tell people about it!  A4MD provides an online packet of marketing materials for you to use, including sample website and e-newsletter text, FaceBook posts and images.

Earthday Networks Board Chair Gerald Torres puts it; “A4MD is a way in which the people themselves can not only take control over one aspect of the media onslaught to which we are all subject, but through which we can actively change the conversation and provide support for the alternative voices that are out there and that continually speak truth to power. We can be the amplifier and the power.”

Please join us by signing up as an engaged community organization here And onwards to future projects!

Yours in collaboration for peace and justice,

Gerald Torres, Executive Producer, Artists for Vieques
Barbara K and Wolfgang Pracht, Co-Founders, Artists for Media Diversity
Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director, Media Alliance
Robert Rabin, General Manager, WVQR - Radio Vieques


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