The Power of Music

Having recognized the need for a diversity of opinion in the public airwaves, when Wolfgang and I started out on our journey - fostering freedom of speech through the power of music - we thought the trip would be rather short. 

 Photo by Bill Giebitz

We were wrong.

It turns out that people working in nonprofit organizations, united in the common good and thus indicating a spirit of collaboration, may actually become highly competitive when contemplating the concept of money.

Fundraising for a nonprofit organization is hard work. Work that takes time away from fulfilling the mission of the organization. 

Fundraising for a corporation, on the other hand, appears to be the mission of the corporation.

Working in a nonprofit can be like driving an electric car across a beautiful yet challenging landscape with not enough charging stations to arrive at our destination. 

It's really hard to get to where we want to go.

If Capitalism, a corporation driven market economic model based on competition,  doesn’t serve the common good, then how will we ever arrive at our destination?

So our journey - fostering freedom of speech through the power of music - took us well beyond the horizon of our intended destination as the only possible way to get there was by dreaming.

Dreaming can be fine and good, but we wake up at the same place where we fell asleep. Unless, of course, we fell asleep on, as Buckminster Fuller fondly referred to it, Spaceship Earth.

As some ‘creatives’ might know, there’s a special time between the point of deep sleeping and the point of wide awakening where mysterious answers to universal questions appear to the journeyer in the between like clouds upon a dawning day.

One morning, shortly before the dawn, while surfing the metaphysical waves, we awoke on the shores of Collaboration, a borderless nation where people exchange goods and services through a humanitarian driven market economic model based on creativity, collaboration and the common good.

The fostering and enjoyment of the fruits of creativity, for example the purchasing of a digital album and listening to the music, can simultaneously supply the financial means for care-taking of our fellow living beings when these fruits of creativity are exchanged in a humanitarian based market economy. The fostering of creativity thus replaces the exhausting of natural resources in pursuit of manufacturing products composed of not-so-healthy-particles in order to generate a cash flow from an exchange of not-so-goods and services.

And there, in the dawn’s early light, was the city limits sign of our final destination:

Freedom of Speech through the Power of Music

Freedom of speech in the public airwaves can be truly free when it is not bound by constraints to ensure survival of the broadcast organization via monetary gain.

When we free noncommercial broadcasters of the struggle for money, we relieve the broadcast administrator’s constraints placed upon free expression of public opinion that may run contrary to the socio-political opinions of a small number of wealthy sponsors who contribute large donations, grants or endowments as a method of influencing public opinion of the listeners/viewers of public media.

We All Rise Together, A4MD, The Nature of Truth, etc are ways in which the people themselves can not only take control over one aspect of the media onslaught to which we are all subject, but through which we can actively change the conversation and provide support for the alternative voice that are out there and that continually speak truth to power. We can be the amplifier and the power.”  Gerald Torres, Board Chairman, Earthday Networks

Artists for Media Diversity fosters freedom of speech through the power of music with The Nature of Truth and We All Rise Together.

Barbara K

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