Our Vision of Collaboration

Our vision of the power of music to heal communities will be realized through the collaborative engagement of recording artists and nonprofit organizations working together for environmental justice, human rights, freedom of speech and culture for the common good.

engaged organizations

As recording artists contribute music downloads in solidarity with engaged organizations, Artists for Media Diversity produces Community Digital Albums.

“Artists for Vieques”, produced in 2013 and re-released in the wake of Hurricane Maria, serves as our first Community Digital Album.

“The eyewall of category 5 Hurricane Maria passed over Vieques at 4am on 20 September, attacking the facilities of Radio Vieques and all of Puerto Rico with winds over 150mph. Damage from winds, water, lack of electricity are some of the challenges we face in Maria’s aftermath.  

“Radio Vieques provides key communications for Puerto Rico's two island municipalities - Culebra and Vieques - as well as the Eastern half of the main island.  Support from solidarity organizations like Artists for Media Diversity is crucial to get Radio Vieques back on the air.  

“With the re-release of the digital album “Artists for Vieques”, the artists who donated music to help create Radio Vieques more than four years ago now help us restore our community station to continue the process of community communications in this challenging moment in Vieques/Puerto Rico's history.  

“Thanks for your support and solidarity.”
Robert Rabin, General Manager
WVQR 90.1 FM - Radio Vieques


Nonprofit organizations and radio stations promoting “Artists for Vieques” receive financial benefit from contributions generated through their collaborative promotional campaigns to help us help Radio Vieques get back on the air and provide life saving communication services to the people of Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico.  

Organizations will be able to utilize their portion of funds generated from their collaborative promotional campaign for their own organization or they may choose to 'pay it forward' and support any of the many organizations providing relief to the people of Puerto Rico.

We all rise together.

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