Our Theory is Simple

A4MD’s Community Digital Albums provide the foundation to generate financial benefit for noncommercial radio stations and engaged community organizations.


Our theory is simple: Instead of competition, our humanitarian market economic model is based on collaboration. The more we collaborate, the more we receive.

The more we collaborate in the promotion of Community Digital Albums, the more we receive in financial benefit for our engaged organizations. We all rise together.

Engaged organizations receive 25% of the proceeds from sales tracked to their collaborative promotion of Community Digital Albums.


Artists For Vieques community digital albums featuring 20 recording artists sell for $20.00.

When an engaged organization’s promotion generates 100 digital album sales, then the engaged organization will receive $500.00.


When 30 engaged organizations generate an average of 100 digital album sales each, then Radio Vieques receives $30,000.00.

Ways to ENGAGE

Posting on FaceBook
    Write a FaceBook Post that includes a link to A4MD
    Click the ‘Share’ link on the Artists for Vieques album page in A4MD
    Click the ‘Share ‘ link in a News post in A4MD. 

Promoting on Organization’s Website 
     Place Artists For Vieques graphics and information on your organization’s website. Include links to A4MD, photos or album cover graphics, descriptive text

Note:  Utilize newsletters and other social media platforms to drive traffic to your organization’s Website and FaceBook page. 

Sparrows Wheel

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Sparrows Wheel provides creative solution services for songwriters, recording artists and community organizations.