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November 15, 2017
For Immediate Release
Contact: Barbara Kooyman Email: Tel: (512) 263-9818

National Re-Issue of Artists For Vieques
To Rebuild Puerto Rican Radio

Artists For Media Diversity is pleased to announce the re-issue of Artists for Vieques, a 17-song compilation featuring the music of Willie Nelson, Los Lonely Boys, Zoraida Santiago, Calle 13, Rei Ortiz, Los Bandidos Cosmicos and many more.

Originally put together in 2013 to help build a community radio station in Puerto Rico, the musical gifts of these American and Puerto Rican artists will once again provide crucial support after the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria. Artists For Vieques will be available online and from community radio stations across the United States.

Robert Rabin, the director of WVQR in Vieques made the following comment: “The eyewall of category 5 Hurricane Maria passed over Vieques at 4am on 20 September, attacking the facilities of Radio Vieques and all of Puerto Rico with winds over 150mph. Damage from winds, water, lack of electricity are some of the challenges we face in Maria's aftermath. Radio Vieques provides key communications for Puerto Rico's two island municipalities - Culebra and Vieques - as well as the Eastern half of the main island. Support from solidarity organizations like Artists For Media Diversity is crucial to get Radio Vieques back on the air. The artists who donated music for this album to help create Radio Vieques more than four years ago, now help us restore our station to continue the process of community communications in this challenging moment in Vieques/Puerto Rico's history. Thanks for your support and solidarity”.

For more on the situation in Vieques and the surrounding region, see this NY Times article.

The 2017-2018 reissue of Artists For Vieques by Artists for Media Diversity with support from the Latino Public Radio Consortium (LPRC) and Media Alliance (MA) will be distributed on a revenue-sharing basis. Community radio stations and other supportive organizations in the US will let their audiences know about Artists for Vieques. Each sale of the 17-song album, which sells for $17, will send 50% of the proceeds directly to Puerto Rico, with 25% remaining with the US partner organization and 25% covering production, administration, sales and distribution costs.

In 2013, Calle 13 said: "Radio Vieques will be an open forum where through dialogue and the exchange of uncensored ideas, it will be possible to generate ideas and actions necessary to improve the quality of life for Vieques, Culebra and the municipalities of the Eastern area of the Island".

No words could be truer in 2017.

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A4MD was founded in 2008 to develop alternative funding strategies for public media utilizing the power of music.

The Latino Public Radio Consortium [LPRC] was founded in 2007 with the goal of advancing the agenda of Latinos in public radio. It advocates for the inclusion of Latinos in public broadcasting by building partnerships, influencing public and funding policy and providing a clearinghouse of information on relevant and substantive cultural, news and informational Latino programming.

Media Alliance was formed in 1976 by a group of media workers to unite the professional media community with the public interest communities of the Bay Area. MA dedicates itself to fostering a genuine diversity of media voices and perspectives, holding the media accountable for their impact on society and protecting freedom of speech.


Artists for Vieques
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Our theory is simple: Instead of competition, our humanitarian market economic model is based on collaboration. The more we collaborate, the more we receive.

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Engaged organizations receive 25% of the proceeds from sales tracked to their collaborative promotion of Community Digital Albums.


For Example: Artists for Vieques

Artists For Vieques sells for $17.00

If an engaged organization’s promotion generates 100 digital album sales, then the engaged organization will receive $425.00.

If 30 engaged organizations generate an average of 100 digital album sales each, then Radio Vieques receives $25,500.00.


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Community Outreach Letter


Co-Founder and Executive Director

November 15, 2017

Dear ________________,

In the wake of category 5 Hurricane Maria’s devastation of the islands of Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico, A4MD is re-releasing “Artists for Vieques” to help get Radio Vieques get back on the air.

“Artists for Vieques”, a community digital album produced by Artists for Media Diversity, provides the foundation to generate financial support not only for WVQR - Radio Vieques, a public radio station for environmental justice and sustainable development, but also for any community organization who will assist us in spreading the word.

Instead of competition, A4MD’s humanitarian market economic model is based on collaboration. The more we collaborate, the more our organizations receive, and the more we benefit the people of Vieques, Culebra and Eastern Puerto Rico who rely on vital broadcasts from WVQR.

We All Rise Together.

Organizations receive 25% of the proceeds from sales tracked to their collaborative promotion

of the power of music to support public media. All you have to do is tell people about it!

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Earthday Networks Board Chair Gerald Torres puts it; “A4MD is a way in which the people themselves can not only take control over one aspect of the media onslaught to which we are all subject, but through which we can actively change the conversation and provide support for the alternative voices that are out there and that continually speak truth to power. We can be the amplifier and the power.”

Please join us by signing up as an engaged community organization here. And onwards to future projects!

Yours in collaboration for peace and justice,

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