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A4MD’s Archive for Music Diversity

To turn recordings from your station’s live music archive into virtual albums and pledge drive premiums, follow these simple instructions: 1. Does your Station have WAV audio files of tracks, of songs your station will love to promote, from which music downloads may be donated by the Artists? 2. If YES, contact the recording artists, send them a link to A4MD – – and ask them if they would be willing to donate downloads to A4MD to benefit your station. 3. If YES, email the recording artists the ”Permission to Transmit Recording to A4MD” document, or email them a link to the document and ask them to download it, sign it and return it to your Station. 4. Upload a scanned copy of the recording artist’s signed “Permission To Transmit Recording” document and the WAV audio file of the artists’s recording to A4MD’s WAV File Drop Box.  

Sponsorship of your Station’s Virtual Album

In order to help your station defray the production costs, A4MD provides promotion opportunities to sponsors of your station’s virtual album. Contact A4MD for more information.  

The Costs of Making a Virtual Album

Yes, there is a cost to this process. But often times a willing sponsor may be found to absorb the cost as a service to your station in exchange for acknowledgement and promotion associated with the virtual album. There are four expenses associated with a virtual album: Mastering, Artwork, Artist Relations and Webpage construction. There are four additional expense associated with the manufacturing of pledge drive premiums: Graphic design, printing, audio hosting and shipping.

Digital Audio Mastering by Terra Nova

In order for A4MD to sell downloads of recordings, all tracks must be professionally mastered to be made ready for sale and download. Terra Nova Mastering of Austin, TX, generously provides this service at a reduced rate to A4MD. Terra Nova is renown for it’s mastering services of KLRU’s “Austin City Limits” broadcasts when live recordings are release for sale to the public. The cost of mastering will depend upon the number of tracks that will be included in your station’s virtual album/pledge drive premiums.

Artwork to Represent your Virtual Album

Do you have an artist in mind to contribute artwork for your station’s virtual album? If YES, have the graphic artist contact A4MD. If NO, would you like A4MD to contact a graphic artist on your station’s behalf?

Artist Relations and WebPage Creation

Each recording artist, in honor of their contribution, receives web pages in A4MD to promote their generosity to your station. Working with recording artists and their management can at times be tedious, time consuming and fraught with delays. A4MD takes the weight off you station by providing tools to enable artists to convey information and grant permission to use their names and likenesses in promotion of your station’s virtual album  

The Costs of Making Pledge Drive Premiums


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is typically based on the virtual album artwork, but sometimes new images are employed to expand upon a theme of a campaign.

Printing, Audio Hosting, Shipping

These costs are related to the number of pledge drive premiums ordered along with the number of songs in the pledge drive premiums. Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.