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Florence Hernandez-Ramos and Ileana Rivera Santa from LPRC, along with Barbara Kooyman from A4MD, welcome with open hearts your participation in our collaboration toward the historic launch of A4MD's Archive for Music Diversity.

This new service will enable Latino Public Radio stations to share live recordings of musical artists. The artists receive national exposure through various forums and the resulting funds from the sale of donated "downloads" support the radio stations by allowing for the purchase of equipment and services.

3 Projects serve as working examples for recording artists and radio stations to work together for the benefit of each other and the communities where we live, work and play.

Artists for Vieques

The FCC granted the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, CRDV, a construction permit to build a radio station in Vieques, Puerto Rico, a former Naval bombing range, which expires in July 2013. To achieve this goal Radio Vieques, WVQR 90.1 FM needs to raise funds for the construction of the radio antenna and the corresponding equipment. You can read more about the project and the organizations who are providing support in an article published in the LPRC website.

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Music stations record artists and musicians in the normal course of broadcasting to produce stereo mixes of unreleased live performances of original songs. Artists give permission to the stations to transmit the recordings to A4MD to lend their support to the station. A4MD contacts the Artists to arrange donations of downloads and receive permission to distribute the music to other noncommercial radio stations.


The Pachanga Fest in Austin, TX on May 11-12, 2012 provides an excellent opportunity for A4MD to rally it's friends in support of the Latino Public Radio Consortium. By offering to multi-track record the Pachanga performances, we give artists the opportunity to contribute to the Archive for Music Diversity and support Latino Public Radio stations.

LPRC Stations Affiliated with A4MD

KRZA, Alamosa, CO

KUVO, Denver, CO

WDNA, Miami, FL

WRTU-FM, San Juan, PR

WVQR, Vieques, PR

To see a complete list of stations affiliated with the LPRC, visit the Latino Public Radio Consortium.

Digital Album Projects

Artists for Vieques

Music to help build a public radio station in Puerto Rico.

Latino Public Radio Stations and Recording Artists collaborate to make this Virtual Album

Español Yes!
¡English También!

Live music recordings from Latino Public Radio Stations.

Artists from the Pachanga Fest in Austin, Texas support Latino Public Radio Stations


Music from Pachanga Fest, Austin, TX.