The Nature Of Truth

"The nature of truth is a deeply personal perspective songwriters share through the songs we write and the music we play with our fellow musicians.

It resonates from our hearts to yours."  
~ Barbara K, songwriter and recording artist


The Nature of Truth - One

by Various Artists

The Nature of Truth

The Nature of Truth is a forthcoming series of broadcast radio programs featuring music from recording artists taking a stand on environmental justice, human rights, freedom of speech and culture for the common good.

Community Digital Albums

Featured songwriters and musicians contribute music downloads for inclusion on Community Digital Albums supporting noncommercial radio, public media and collaborating community organizations.


Broadcast Radio Programs

The Nature of Truth is designed to produce one Community Digital Album each month featuring 20 recording artists. Accompanying the monthly digital albums will be a series of four 28-minute radio shows featuring 5 artists of the week and a series of twenty 7-minute spotlight shows featuring one artist per episode.


The Purpose of The Nature of Truth

The purpose of the project is in harmony with the mission of Artists for Media Diversity.

  • By providing music downloads, recording artists create the basis for a new revenue stream supporting noncommercial radio stations and public media organizations;
  • Stations broadcasting The Nature of Truth radio shows receive financial benefit from the sales of Community Digital Albums;
  • Community organizations co-promoting The Nature of Truth to their constituents also receive financial benefit from digital album sales while fostering awareness of the need to support public media;
  • A vibrant collaboration between artists, organizations and public media is proven to enhance economic growth and development in cities across the USA.

The Nature of Truth
Community Digital Albums


National Radio Organizations

National radio organizations participating in The Nature of Truth project share 10% of the proceeds from sales of Community Digital Albums.


Noncommercial Radio Stations

Noncommercial radio stations - affiliated with participating national radio organizations and broadcasting A4MD produced radio shows - share 25% of the proceeds from Community Digital Albums sales.


Engaged  Organizations

We track proceeds of Community Digital Album sales generated from Internet links on websites, newsletter campaigns and social media. We contribute 25% of the proceeds to engaged organizations for sales generated from links to A4MD on their organization's websites, newsletter campaigns and social media.

Engaged Organizations include Noncommercial Radio Stations and Community Organizations that sign up with A4MD.


Sponsoring Organization

A national radio or community organization sponsoring The Nature of Truth project receives 15% of the proceeds from sales of Community Digital Albums. 


Media Alliance Fiscal Sponsor

All proceeds are collected and distributed by Media Alliance, our fiscal sponsor.

5-6% of the proceeds are taken up by merchant services and credit card processors enabling online purchasing of Community Digital Albums.

Artists for Media Diversity

Artists for Media Diversity produces community digital albums and radio shows to support noncommercial radio and public media.


For Example:
10,000 Community Digital Albums

Monthly sales of 10,000 Community Digital Albums featuring 20 songs from recording artists contributing music for the common good generates $200,000.

With 50 radio stations broadcasting The Nature of Truth radio shows, each station would receive $1,000 and enhanced services from their national radio organizations.

With 5 national radio organizations participating in The Nature of Truth project, each organization would receive $4,000 for distributing radio shows and proceeds to their affiliated radio stations.

$50,000 could be divided between community organizations and radio stations promoting sales of community digital albums from their websites and newsletters.

The sponsoring national radio or community organization of "The Nature of Truth would receive $30,000. 

Artists for Media Diversity would receive $20,000 to pay for production of more community digital albums & national radio shows, plus create future projects that support and strengthen community development by fostering tour support for recording artists contributing to the common good.

Then, when you imagine the sale of 100,000 community digital albums, you begin to understand the synergetic scope of the vision of the founders of Artists for Media Diversity and the producers of The Nature of Truth.

And we all rise together.


Producers of The Nature of Truth


Gerald Torres is a leading figure in critical race theory, environmental law and federal Indian Law. Currently Jane M.G. Foster Professor and Faculty Fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, he previously served as the Bryant Smith Chair in Law at the University of Texas School of Law and taught at The University of Minnesota Law School, where he served as Associate Dean. He is also a former president of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). Torres has served as deputy assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and as counsel to then U.S. attorney general Janet Reno.


With a 30 year history as a songwriter and recording artist, Barbara K,  together with Wolfgang Pracht, a songwriter, musician and trusted advisor with multiple degrees in Anglistics (English Language and Literature), Germanistic (German Language and Literature), Pedagogics, Didactics, Sociology and Comparative Religion from Bonn University in Germany, have a 12 year history of developing community services that engage songwriters and recording artists in support of community organizations via Sparrows Wheel and Artists for Media Diversity.